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The Photo Exhibition "Gustavo Sagorsky. Sonia"

Kõrgema Kunstikooli Pallas galerii Noorus

Kõrgema Kunstikooli Pallas galerii Noorus view map

Tue 24. Sep 2019 | 17:30 - Sat 19. Oct 2019 | 18:00


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On Tuesday, September 24 at 5.30 an photo exhibition „Sonia“ will be opened at gallery Noorus of Pallas by the artist Gustavo Sagorsky and the curator, alumnus of Pallas Diana Tamane .

An excerpt from the exhibition text:
"In the end it was a perfect day and I was glad to see this intense city with such a complex and contradictory history through Gustavo’s gaze, full of curiosity – just as his statement starts: “I have enormous curiosity about everything I see” –, but most of all full of empathy, something often lacking when we separate ourselves from the “other”. So, finally “Sonia” is also about looking; looking at each other with vulnerability – just as Marguerite Duras said: “To look at someone is to feel curious, to be interested, to lower yourself.” September 2019 Diana Tamane

Born in Argentina in 1975, Gustavo Sagorsky lives and works in Jerusalem. He received his BFA and MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Since 2008 he has been teaching in the Photography Department at Bezalel.
Sagorsky's works has been exhibited in several venues, including solo shows in U.S.A, Argentina, Israel, Latvia, Belarus, Uzbekistan. He has curated several exhibitions in various locations, such as the H2 Zentrum, Augsburg, Germany; the Tel Aviv Photography Festival.

Read more: http://Facebook.com/GaleriiNoorus

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Organisation: Kõrgema Kunstikooli Pallas galerii Noorus
Contact: Diana Tamane
E-Mail: tamane.diana [at] gmail.com

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