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Inglise keel edasijõudnutele C1: Vocabulary course ‘English with TED Talks’


SA Tartu Rahvaülikool

18. sept 2020 - 08. jaan 2021


R 09:30 - 11:00 | Tartu Rahvaülikool | Pepleri 4, Tartu, Eesti

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Target group: Learners whose main aim in moving towards level C1 (advanced user) is to upgrade in terms of vocabulary and whose score in the Placement Test is ≥ 40. As an extra feature the course boasts a teacher generated e-dictionary that also includes some Estonian counterparts. Total of 35 Classes: 35 x 45 min (30 in Classroom + 5 of e-learning) + 10 independently. Small group of 3-5 students.

Course TextBook KeyNote was awarded a prize for excellence in course innovation (2016) as the first TextBook built around the globally popular TED Talks, where charismatic speakers present their ‘TED ideas worth spreading‘.

Course Contents:

Listening: TED Talk 1-6 by both native & non-native speakers & audio Tasks
Speaking 1: tricks of public speaking
Speaking 2: intriguing infographics & texts for Speaking Tasks
Speaking 3: Tasks for Critical thinking
Speaking 4: Tools 1-4 for Fluency, incl RASA skills
Vocabulary tasks incl vocabulary video Tasks & Tasks on Quizlet
6-minute Writing Challenge 1-3
Writing for Business in semi-formal style, incl Giving negative & positive feedback
Review: TextBook Tests 1-3 + Challenges 1-6 on Kahoot app
E-learning: (1) 12 Vocabulary sets with Tasks on Quizlet, (2) 15 follow-up blogs of in-Class conversations, (3) 6 Challenges on Kahoot app, (4) personal feedback on 3 Writing Challenges

Course Compendium:

TextBook Keynote Advanced C1 + Keynote handouts & tests + Keynote website
Teacher generated compendium: (1) access to e-dictionary extra & Tasks, (2) 15 follow-up blogs of in-Class conversations, (3) Worksheets ‘4 Tools for Fluency‘, (4) 6 Challenges on Kahoot app
e-dictionaries: https://www.lexico.com/en, http://www.freecollocation.com/, http://www.macmillandictionaries.com/about/collocations-dictionary/

Loe lähemalt: https://rahvaylikool.ee/koolitused/6084/kursus-vocabulary-course-‘english-with-ted-talks’/

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Asutus: SA Tartu Rahvaülikool
Aadress: Pepleri 4, Tartu
Telefon: 7361544
E-post: ilona [at] rahvaylikool.ee

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