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Тартуский лесной марафон Tartu Forest Marathon


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Чт 01. aпр 2021 | 09:00 - Вс 16. май 2021 | 20:00

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Перейти к покупке (15,00-20,00€) Перейти к покупке (15,00-20,00€)

Tartu Forest Marathon is the largest cross-country running event in the Baltics, which brings thousands of runners to South-Estonia every year. As the traditional Tartu Forest Marathon is canceled, organizers have come up with alternatives, which are safe and offer motivation to exercise regularly.

Virtual running and a new marathon combo
Participants can choose between 4 traditional distances: 42, 24, 10 or 5 km. It is up to each participant to decide where to run, marked trails of Tartu Forest Marathon can be used. The selected distance must be completed within the period of April 1st to May 16th.
In addition, a marathon combo is an exciting innovation, which means that 42km can be done in sections. The participant can choose which distances to run, but minimum distance at one time is 4,2km.

Individual run in South Estonia
For the first time there is a possibility to take part in individual run with time keeping. It starts on May 1st and lasts until May 9th. There are also 4 distances: 42, 21, 10 or 5 km and the selected distance must be covered by walking or running on the trail marked by the organizers, which starts and ends in Elva.

This year, children's races will also take place virtually from April 1st to May 16th. The distance for a smaller running fan should be at least 500m.

Подробнее: https://www.tartumaraton.ee/ru/events/jooksumaraton/39/maraton/

Местонахождение на карте

Учреждение: MTÜ Klubi Tartu Maraton
Адрес: Laulupeo pst 25, Tartu
Kонтакт: Liisa-Lotta Veiken
Тел.: +372 55995475
E-мейл: press [at] tartumaraton.ee

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