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For organisers

Information for organisers

Adding events into Window of Culture (Kultuuriaken) is free of charge. New information can be added in Estonian, English and Russian, without requiring users to log in.
Organisers are always recommended to log in (whether by using social media or ID-card/Mobile ID) to add new information, as this makes it possible to later manage and edit previous entries.
However, users cannot later edit already entered information if they did not log in.


If a member of the institution has created an account in Window of Culture and wants to share the account with its history (added events) to his colleagues, then he/she should contact the Window of Culture administrator ( [email protected] ). He can make share accounts with each other.

  • When adding a specific image/photo to the Window of Culture, the person adding that must have all the rights, permissions, licenses to add it.
  • Culture window is not responsible for the existence of the rights of the photos/images added to the page!
  • In terms of image size, the main image aspect ratio of the Facebook event fits our page well.

Add a new event

We recommend signing in to add a new event!

Anonymous view does not have all the features available to the event organizer.

By logging in, you can, for example:

  • save events as a draft
  • leave the draft unfinished to add the necessary data later
  • edit and correct events you have already entered
  • see all the events you entered
  • use the entered events as the bottom line for new events